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Diversity in the Workplace

Posted on 23/05/2016 by


Workplace Diversity is a hot trending topic in businesses around the world and for a good reason - there are several advantages to business that arise when a work environment accepts each individual's differences, embraces their strengths and provides opportunities for all staff to achieve their full potential.


Benefits of a Diverse Workplace

  • Increased knowledge and understanding of market and business landscape

With over 7 billion people in the world across 196 countries, speaking over 6500 different languages that are quickly becoming more and more connected, it is not surprise that businesses must learn to stay highly adaptive to a diverse and quickly changing market and business landscape. The best way to achieve this is to have a diverse workplace in the first place. Being able to accommodate to the different needs and wants of customers and business relations becomes easier when your business is internally familiar with and understands diversity.

  • Increased Creativity

As individuals, our differing life histories, backgrounds and experiences transform and inspire unique personal creativity. Bringing several unique perspectives together to work on a project inevitably leads to fresh, new and creative ways to complete tasks, generate ideas, problem solve and to move forward as a company. 

  • Increase in Productivity 

Because of the increased skills pool, creativity and ability to complete workplace tasks created by workplace diversity, it makes sense that this in turn increases productivity and efficiency. The sense of achievement created by this boosts staff morale and when individual contributions are recognised, this increases self worth of the employees. So not only does diversity contribute to a happier, motivated and more productive workplace, it also lends to growing more streamlined systems and processes.

  • Stronger teams

Due to the increased motivation and happiness of staff created by workplace diversity, staff turnover is decreased and therefore teams are more stable and absenteeism is reduced. Not only this, but a diverse workplace means that where one staff member may lack skills or experience, someone else in the team will be able to fill in the gaps, strengthening the team as a unit. Furthermore, staff work harder to understand each other better, thus improving social and communication skills of individuals as well as creating more trustworthy team environments.


How to increase/create diversity in the workplace

  • Acknowledge and value individual skills that colleagues and employees have like language skills or international experience etc., which may assist in broadening and strengthening business relationships.
  • Discuss diversity with all staff, making sure to highlight all of the advantages above to maintaining an inclusive and diverse workplace. 
  • Ensure that there are no unconscious biases in recruitment, retention and promotion that could prevent particular groups of people from entering or remaining at your workplace.
  • Have flexible work options that are available to all staff, for example comprehensive parental leave for both women and men.
  • Ensure awareness of different cultural practices as well as any special needs of staff then make any appropriate adjustments to accommodate to these needs.
  • Have policies in place to prevent discrimination and harassment in your work environment
  • Acknowledge and reward teams/staff that encourage and embrace diversity when undertaking work goals


At Anderson Recruitment and Training we pride ourselves on the diversity within our team and the staff we provide to business across Australia. We strive to create the best work environments for both our clients and candidates in order to achieve results and more your business forward. Please  contact us today to find out more about how we can help your business.